Loavies Shopping Experience!

Details on Loavies


Hey Everyone & Happy Friday!

Here is everything I ordered off of Loavies except for the wildflower trousers because they unfortunately did not fit me and I need to return them. So the first photo is of the really cute packaging that all of the clothing came in, which I also posted on my Instagram, which you should follow if you are not already!

The next photo is probably one of my now favourite sweaters, I ordered a size small and it fit really well (I am usually a size small in most clothing brands), and I really love the embroidered detail with the hummingbirds. I have been on the hunt for really cute embroidered products so let me know in the comments if you have seen anything recently.

Next is a new bralette I ordered! It is absolutely gorgeous, the photo almost does not do it justice, it looks adorable on and is incredibly comfortable to wear under clothes, I will probably be wearing it a lot… This was also a size small.

Next is a really long grey cardigan that I am actually wearing today! It came in a size small and it is really cute. I actually had not owned a grey cardigan previous to this one so I am really excited to finally have one and I know it will work well with so many other pieces in my closet.

Lastly is the green bomber that I actually got for $25.00 Canadian because it was on sale! IT IS SO CUTE, I was honestly very skeptical of how the bomber trend would look on me, but I really love it and the jacket itself is super warm, which is great for me because I am always cold. This was also a size small and fits really well.

Overall I was really impressed with Loavies since it was my first time ordering with them, which is always a little nerve racking considering you do not know if anything will fit. That is why it is always good to check store return policies! I also got Free shipping for spending over $150.00, which I actually hardly spent over that and all five of the items I got were of really good quality. I am so sad that the pants did not fit, it would be better if they offered an XS size or actually pants sizes not just “S/M” or “L/XL”. However, my experience was amazing and everyone that has been thinking about shopping there should. I would say that the majority of their products fit true to size!

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