Wedges: DLG Shoes, Jeans: Levis, Sweater: ASOS, Purse: Kate Spade, and Watch: Rosefield


Hello all,

This weekend I have been studying like crazy, so crazy, that I forgot to blog yesterday and I am so sorry! I hope you will enjoy this outfit that I put together for the weekend! It is great for lounging in, but I was able to dress it up to go out too. I have bought so many new sweaters for fall and I am so excited to share them all and just wear them because I love them all!

Today I wore DLG wedges that I got a couple years ago now but I love them because they make me so much taller! And for some reason they are the only black summer shoes I have, I really need to fix that. My jeans are Levi’s and they are probably my favourite pair right now, they are such a lovely light wash, they are soft, and they fit SO well! My sweater is new from ASOS and I am also in love with it, it fits so well and feels so cozy. All my new sweaters pretty much remind me of fall and I am pretty excited for fall. Lastly I have had my purse for a few years now. I got it for Christmas and it has been my favourite bag ever since, it is from Kate Spade and it is incredibly durable it has no scuffs anywhere, I would definitely recommend it to any one who is looking into it.

Have a lovely weekend!


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