Featuring: Caolion, Lue by Jean Seo, LASplash, Tan Towel, & Professional Sebastian.

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I am really excited to try this Kaolin pore pack duo and a little nervous at the same time because I have never used anything like this. However I think my pores on my nose and some on my cheeks could really use this so I am more excited than anything. I will have to find a relaxing night for this sometime soon to see if it is worth the $31.00 it would normally cost.

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Once again I do have eyelash extensions right now so I am not really sure when I will get around to using this. However the brush looked nice and it would normally cost $19.00. A tip for mascara that I used when I used to wear it is that if you put a few eye drops into the mascara tube and mix it up a little it tends to last a little while longer which is always nice when you want the most out of your products!

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So I am really excited about this Lue clear spot control because I normally just stick to my Clean & Clear spot control, but I figured it would be really nice to try something new and this product sounds like it will be fairly strong in combatting any acne that dare comes my way!

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Next up is the LASplash Diamond Lipgloss which I was really excited for and then I swatched it and tested it out on my lips, and it was one of those things where I kept trying to make it work but it just does not work for my skin tone and it was a little bit too sticky for my liking and for the cost of $18.00, which was too bad, but I got two extra products in this box so it is not a big deal.

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Incredibly nervous to try these, do not really know if I will even bother just because I am so pale that even the slightest bit of fake tan seems to come off really orange on me, so I will most likely hand these babies off too one of my more tan friends. Super cute packaging though and you can buy ten of them for $27.00.

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I am definitely going to try this out! I love mini hairsprays they are so perfect for travel and decently affordable, I think this one would be anyway, because the full size bottle of 10.6oz is only $19.00. So I am looking forward to that! This hairspray also came with the dark hair oil featured below which I will probably pack for travel purposes as well and test out its hair wonders.

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My apologies for how late this post is, once again I did not receive this box until July even though it was meant for June and I finally got a chance to blog about it so I really hope you enjoyed it!


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