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Ferry ride from London to Amsterdam!

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Third Day: Amsterdam

These couple of days were incredibly eye opening, and I do not know if I have a better way of describing it besides just that, because I experienced so many things I never could have back home in Canada.

Before I ramble on about all of my experiences I thought I would point out that in Amsterdam smoking marijuana is legal so they have places called “coffee shops” where you can purchase pot if you are into that. If you actually want Coffee with no side of marijuana you need to go to a Cafe.

Anyway! The first night we were dropped off in Amsterdam we headed straight into the heart of the city and toured our way through the red light district! This was a lot different than I expected because the lights were actually pink not red and each woman was set up in her own little room with a big window that she would sit or stand in. You do not actually see any of these people have sex either, they all have curtains closed. It was actually somewhat funny because over half of the women were just sitting there on their phones and smoking their cigarettes, not even paying attention to the group of 46 people walking by. After the tour we stopped at the oldest “coffee shop” in Amsterdam called the Bulldog, and the tour gave us the option heading in there for a half hour or to an actual cafe. After that we all met up and went onto what was probably the craziest part of the entire trip, and as I am typing I am realizing that it was actually insane that we went to this… I will say what I am about to type is probably not for the faint of heart so I would suggest scrolling over the next sentence. We had the chance to go see a Live Sex Show at the Pink Hippo, and this was hands down the weirdest, most out of my comfort zone, experience of my life, ever. I will not really go into details about it, but let’s just say it is something you would have to see/ experience for yourself. After all of this we got to go to a really cool bar called Chupitos, which I would definitely recommend if you are thinking of going to Amsterdam! It is a bar that only does Shots, so there was over 200 different kinds of shots you could order. I will have to link a video of the one I took it was called the “Harry Potter” and that one in particular was on FIRE! This was one of the most excited outings of the trip because it was so different from any bar I have ever been too.

The second day was a little more laid back, in the morning we got to go on a bike tour, with a company called Bike a Dijk out in Edam. I personally really enjoyed this because we got to bike around a quite little area and check out the dijk’s which are like dams, and a windmill! After the bike tour we went to a store called Cheese and Clogs where this clog master (just what I am calling him, probably not what they call people that are expert clog makers there) carved out a clog in 5 minutes! After the clog demonstration we got to taste all of their cheeses with some wine. My personal favourite cheeses were all of the ones that were smoked, but every single kind was delicious! Then we shopped around their store for a little while. After all of this we headed back into Amsterdam for some free time and saw the IAMSTERDAM sign and then we got to tour the Heineken Brewery which was about 17.00 Euros and it got you three beers as well! The tour was phenomenal, they had so much information and history on the beer and they also had many different FIFA x Heineken rooms; some had PS4’s set up to play the FIFA game. They also had horse stables, a store, and three beers waiting for you at the end of the tour. In the evening we went to a Volendam Dinner, which was supposed to be a more traditional dinner and it was delicious. We each got salad, pasta, fish, and desert, I was so hungry that I actually forgot to take any photos of my food but I did get a wicked photo of a pirates boat outside of the restaurant that I posted above! Afterwards it was back to the hotel to rest up for tomorrow’s travel day to Berlin!

Thanks for reading, feel free to ask me anything about the trip! xo




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