Layers on Layers

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Outfit of the day for this beautiful spring day!

The weather is getting warmer and warmer here which makes me incredibly excited to take more photos of my day to day looks outside! I do have quite a few layers going on, as you can see from my necklaces and jackets. Mostly because it was a little chilly this morning. And that is what layers are great for; you take one thing off as the day gets warmer.

Half of the pieces in this outfit are actually from American Eagle, which is somewhere that I have been shopping a lot more at ever since I worked there once upon a time. My jeans are a straight cut from American Eagle and I rolled up the bottoms, which is something I really like to do with all my pants. I love the way it looks for spring and I actually find it more comfortable. My olive green t-shirt is one of my favourites in my closet right because it is incredibly soft and goes with so many different pieces that it is just plain awesome. Lastly my necklaces are from American Eagle too and I love pairing layered necklaces with either a deep v-neckline or a higher collar neckline and nothing in-between.

Next we have my grey vans which I have photographed a few times now because they are pretty much my all time favourite sneaker! I am also wearing a coral-ish coloured sweater that I believe is from the brand Roxy, I am not quite sure because I have had it for years now, but it gives off a relaxed beach-ey vibe, which is always fun. The last layer is my beige jacket which is really light weight and also very versatile depending on the kind of outfit I feel like wearing.

All in all I would say every piece of this outfit is great to have in your closet because they are all quite versatile!

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to check out my Instagram @sullywittrock for more!

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