Hi all! I have a quick outfit of the day to share and then it is back to studying for me!

First off, I am sorry I have not posted much recently, I am in the middle of my University exams, but I will be done within the next ten days and then I will be posting like crazy again!

Anyway, my outfit of the day is a pair of American Eagle khakis which I am in love with, they are the comfiest pants ever and go well with so many different pieces in my wardrobe that they have become a staple for me!Β Next, I am wearing a Garage clothing co green button up shirt with a beige tank underneath it, I adore this shade of green because it is so natural and it can be dressed up or down. (I would pair it with a chic skirt to dress it up!)

For my accessories I have a gold elephant necklace that I got along time ago and I am unsure of where it came from unfortunately, but I am sure you could find cute pieces like it at forever 21 or H&M. My purse is a great casual cross body. It is from ROXY and I love the beach-ey aztec print on it, and it holds so much stuff! Lastly are my shoes which are my favourite pair of sneaker I own at the moment. They are Vans and they are my most broken in pair of shoes and they go perfect with pretty much any casual outfit I put together. I would definitely suggest investing in a neutral toned pair of sneakers just because they are extremely versatile!

Thanks for reading and good luck to anyone else that is in the process of writing exams!

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  1. lacedincyn says:

    love this outfit! all the neutral tones go so well together with the trial accessories.
    i think you’d like my blog too! if you do, i’d love a follow back!


    1. Absolutely girl! Thanks so much 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. meep380 says:

    Love this, and have pants that look like those LOL! Def. just got some inspiration!! I also do OOTDS, you should check it out! πŸ’‹



    1. Thanks! They are so great! And I definitely will πŸ’•πŸ˜Š

      Liked by 1 person

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