February Glossybox


“Love is in the air” – February Glossybox

I am incredibly excited about this months Glossybox; partially because I have waited a majority of this month to receive mine but also because I kept seeing pictures of all the cute things that other people were getting in theirs on apps like Instagram.

So to get right into it, I received…

A Biorepublic Skincare Sheet Mask called pomegranate crush which I am excited to use because my skin could really use an illuminating sheet mask at the moment! It is also free of paragons, sulfates, and cruelty, which I love to see in products. I really like that the mask is actually only $5.00 because there is a good chance I will buy it again because it is not going to cost as much as some other products. The rest of the box is definitely more expensive.

The next thing, that I have actually already used is the Etre Belle Cosmetics Golden Skin Roll-on Caviar Eye Gel, which is quite the name. A quick tip for roll-on eye gels would be to let it sit untouched by foundations or anything else really for one minute so you can get its full effects. This eye gel in particular already made me look more awake which is great because I got up at 7:00 this morning. This product is definitely on the expensive side though a full size of it will cost you $45.00. I would almost say it is worth it already but I would like to see how long it lasts me.

I also got the Benefit Cosmetics Professional Face Primer, which I have actually used a lot before. It really is a good primer if you have enlarged pores and it makes your skin feel extra soft! It is an oil free formula so I tend to avoid using it in areas where my skin gets particularly dry. This product’s full size is also a little more expensive so if you feel that you do not need a primer I would not suggest buying this one because it is $31.00.

Next up is the Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick in Heat Wave Ruby. I have not tried this on my lips yet but I did swatch it and it is incredibly pigmented and the box says it should last for eight hours so I guess we will find out when I get a chance to test out this intense red. It also gives off a matte-satin like finish, on my hand anyway. The price of this lipstick is $22.00 and because I am not that crazy about red lipstick I am not sure that I would personally go out and buy this one on my own.

Lastly, and the product which I am most excited about, is the GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser! I am so excited to test out this product because I have always wanted to try their line of skincare, but I never do because it is on the pricier side. This cleanser is supposed to boost circulation and reduce inflammation which would be perfect for my skin so I cannot wait to try it! The full size of this product is $39.00 and I probably will buy another if I like it because Glossybox gave me a coupon code to use that will give me 30% off my next purchase from Glam Glow!

Glossybox I am feeling the love!

See you guys!

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