Quick & Easy OOTD

Hey guys, here is a quick and easy outfit for you to pull off if you are headed out in this lovely winter/spring weather!

The main idea of this outfit is that you can stay in and be comfortable or you can wear it out with your friends; just add some accessories to make it have some extra pop.

This outfit is incredibly easy to pick out of most closets just because it only takes a skirt, a sweater, tights, and any accessories you would like to pair with it as well. For mine in particular I went for a neutral grey look with a couple accessories to keep it from becoming some what boring. My grey knit sweater is from American Eagle and I got it when I was working there for free actually… but I believe they are about $40.00 if you were to buy it. My grey skirt is just a simple skirt that I found at Forever 21 and I adored it because it went with so many different things that I owned, was only $15.00, and it has pockets (one of my favourite things)! Depending on the weather I would pair this outfit with black tights for a little extra coverage and warmth too. My necklace I have posted about before it is from American Eagle as well and I love it because as you can see it is very versatile. The other piece of jewelry that I have pictured is my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet which is probably my favourite piece of jewelry that I own because each charm has a special meaning to me. Lastly I would personally pair this with suede or leather black ankle boots just because I think that would suit this look the best.

That is all, and I hope you guys can find your outfit inspiration!

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  1. soulpaletteblog says:

    Super cute, and affordable! You have lovely style! Enjoyed your post!




    1. Thank you @soulpaletteblog that’s so sweet of you! I’ll definitely check out your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a lovely outfit! ❤


    1. Thank you lovely 😊


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