Rosefield & The Peach Box

Details that can pull an entire outfit together!

Hi! Today I thought I would share something that is very easy to do, but it will set you and your outfit apart from others. All it is, is adding accessories to your outfits, accessories such as shoes, scarves, purses, and jewelry can take an outfit from okay to great! I like to think that your outfit is not complete unless you are wearing at least three different pieces aside from your shoes, it helps me to pick out my outfits a little easier. In the pictures above I am wearing my rose gold Rosefield watch and The Peach Box’s rose gold bangle just to add a little more intricacy to the basic jeans and top that I actually wore in the photo as well. You can also see that I paired everything with a pair of nude heels from Spring and on another day a pair of knee high, brown riding boots from Steve Madden. Accessories are so important in building stylish outfits and some of the best places to find great pieces is online. My personal favourites are Rosefield watches at the moment, The Peach Box has incredibly chic and cute jewelry that won’t break your bank, and I also love stores like Forever 21, Zara, and H&M for when I am on a budget because they carry really cute bags, scarves, shoes, and jewelry!

Hope everyone is having a great and fashionable day, I will be posting more soon!

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