January Glossy Box

Hi everybody! Today I finally put together everything that I got in my January Glossy Box to give you a review of each product I received. If you don’t know how glossy box works it is a beauty box subscription where you pay around $20.00 a month to get sent a box of five products that altogether cost more then what you are paying, and I absolutely love it!

This month I received a moisturizing body creme, nourishing foot cream, illuminating base primer, hair treatment, and a new lip colour!

The body cream is from Royal Apothic and it smells like a garden of flowers! It is also the perfect size to take anywhere you need so I have been keeping mine in my purseĀ for whenever my skin needs it. The cost of it is $14.00.

-417 nourishing foot cream is fantastic, my feet are incredibly dry and tend to crack but I never have bought any foot care products so it was great to receive one that I could test out. It costs $16.00 and has been working pretty well so far and also smells amazing so I am hoping with enough exfoliation and moisturizer that my feet can go back to be as soft as they once were!

Since my skin and hair tend to get so dry in the winter months I also received a Lemon Rinse hair treatment by nutritional beauty that has been wonderful for my hair. I use the product from my roots to the tips about three times a week after I shampoo and condition my hair, I then wait a few minutes and rinse it out. It has really locked in the shine and has prevented extra damage that I typically will get in the winter. This product was only $10.00 and I will probably buy it again because it worked so well!

I also got an illuminating base primer called Diamond Heart. This primer is actually a really good one because it can be used alone or as a base for other makeup and it does not clump on the skin. It creates a soft canvas and blends away most redness so it was one of my favourite products because the dry winter makes my skin so dry and red. This was also the most expensive product at $29.00 and if you aren’t on any kind of budget where you need to get the maximum benefit out of the cost then I would definitely recommend this primer. If you are on a student budget like me I would not necessarily recommend it just because the tube is quite small and you can find many other primers that will go a longer way for less.

The last part of my Glossy Box was my playful peach lip glide pencil and it costed $12.50. I loved this product because I really like pink, nude, and peach lip shades on my lips and it applied so easily that it barely took me any time to do. A tip for lipsticks and lip pencils is to exfoliate with a lip scrub before applying the colour because it gets rid of the dead and dry skin so that the colour can apply and stay on perfectly and for a longer period of time.

Thanks for reading!

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