Outfit Of The Day

Hi everybody! I put together this particular outfit for today because it feels like the first day of spring here and I could not pass up the opportunity to wear this dress! However that warm feeling will end soon because January and February are the chilliest months of the year for me. Anyway! This outfit is incredibly simple to put together, and it is easy to pull off as well. Most parts of this outfit are also pretty inexpensive if you are on a budget too! My super warm cardigan is from the brand Paper Crane, it is incredibly soft and was only $30.00. The black t-shirt dress was from garage and you can wear it in so many different ways, my favourites would be like the pictures shown above, layered with a thick cardigan, or to put a belt around my waist to give more of a silhouette shape to the dress. My ankle booties, although they are not completely captured in the photo, are from the brand Jellypop and they were $45.00. I’m wearing plain nylons but if I were to wear this outfit on a colder day I would probably opt for fleece lined tights or a thick pair of socks to go into the boots. My necklace is one of my favourites because it goes with so many of my outfits and its from American Eagle, it costs about $20.00. The last part of my outfit is my Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Handbag which is by far the most expensive part, it was about $300.00 and even though it is more expensive I do use it a lot. I find that it also can take a lot of my outfits from being to casual to more sophisticated.

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