Nikes On My Feet

I finally got a new pair of running shoes and I am so excited because my old pair was too worn out to even share a picture of.

I cannot wait to wear them to the gym and even as a part of the casual sporty look that I love too. You know the one, the outfit where
you wear Lululemon pants  (my personal favourite) or any other yoga pants with a sporty top and a pair of fresh, crisp, running shoes out in public and it is somehow socially acceptable. Yeah, that is definitely one of my favourite looks lately. I am in love with these new nikes, and you might have even noticed that the paper stuffing is still inside the shoe. A new tip that I have been trying with a lot of my shoes when I first get them is to keep them how they were packaged by putting them back in their box after each use and the paper balls back in too if they came with the shoes because it helps me keep them organized and clean. It is really helpful since I tend to go through shoes rather easily. Keeping the paper in lots of my shoes has also helped to keep the shape. I hope these new nikes do me well when I work out because I have already tried them on and they are incredibly comfortable so I cannot wait!

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